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Stockton Lake March 20, 2016

March fishing in Missouri can mean cold; and this day was cold; there was even a snow shower that turned boat decks into a slippery white mess.  Air temps at takeoff were hovering around 30 degrees and water temps were between 45 and 48 depending on where you fished.  But March also can mean BIG fish and lots of bites; every boat had fish with the exception of one boat who called it quits because of the cold.  The weather made it very tough, but the fishing was great!

First Place - Punkin Henry and Kris Bollinger 5 fish 15.72 lbs big fish 8.16 lbs!   Punkin and Kris spent pre-fishing on Saturday marking fish on their electronics and saving them for the tournament on Sunday.  Fishing the old rock quarry at Stockton and using mostly a shaky head worm these two experienced anglers smoked the rest of the field by more than 5 pounds, anchoring that weight was Kris's 8.16 pound monster.  Punkin and Kris worked together to get the monster in the boat.  Two times Kris fought the beast to the boat only to have him pull away; on the third try the fish was in the boat and first place was in hand.  Great Job!
​Kris's big fish was officially measured at 23 inches, by a Department of Missouri Conservation's employee Jesse Kelly who happened to be on hand to do creel audits.    
Second Place - Dave Stover and Kevin Timberlake 5 fish 11.82 pounds.  Dave and Kevin fished up the little Sac River where they found warmer water that was slightly stained.  Dave and Kevin fished ledges in 20 feet of water throwing wacky rigged plastic worms and french fries against high bluff walls then allowed to fall slowly down and fished very slow back to the boat.  They caught over 20 fish to come up with their final total of 11.82.
Third Place - Travis Etters and Kevin Maynard 5 fish 10.98 pounds.  Travis and Kevin fished close to where we launched and caught most of their fish on a shaky head worm.  Main lake points and pockets were their primary targets.
New member Kaleb McAdams enjoying a Dew after his first tournament with CRB  Kaleb and his partner Wayne Loften came in fourth just out of the money in their very first CRB tournament. These two anglers are not new to tournament fishing having fished all over the country in Cat Fishing tournaments.  Boat motor troubles on Wayne's new "bass boat" Saturday meant they had to drive all the way back home to Richmond MO to get their high side cat fishing boat for the tournament on Sunday.  Waypoints Wayne had marked Saturday on his bass boat electronics were lost so Sunday in the cat fishing boat they started over and still managed to finish fourth.  I am sure this team will soon be cashing some checks!
Weigh in sheet from Stockton March 20, 2016
picture from the weigh-in at Stockton
Mozingo Lake April 24, 2016

Mozingo Lake is one of those lakes that you know with every cast the possibility of landing the biggest bass of your life is very real.  Mozingo has produced our clubs big bass of the year many times but this year with Kris Bollinger holding an 8.16 large mouth from Stockton someone beating that today would be pretty spectacular;  Only one team got close when Larry Blackburn landed a nice 6.36 large mouth to anchor a 16.90 lb sack

With temperatures hovering around 70 degrees overcast and winds howling up to 30 mph fishing was tough on both anglers and equipment.  Nine boats showed up to fish the tournament and all but one of the nine boats weighed fish; 4 of the nine boats had 5 fish limits.

First Place the brothers Larry and Dave Blackburn cash another check!  First time this season but anytime these two brothers are together they are always in the hunt, and this time they took first place and big bass honors with 5 fish weighing 16.90 anchored by Larry's 6.36.

Spinner bait (white) and pitching plastic creature baits (green pumpkin) to lay-downs halfway back into pockets and coves around the lake was the ticket for Larry and Dave.  The key was to get the bait as close to the target as you could before the wind pushed you out of range.  It was a shallow bite but keeping your boat positioned off the bank out of the trees off of stumps and bait in the water with wind blowing like crazy it was a team effort.

Second Place the team of Dave Stover and Kevin Timberlake turned in 5 fish limit weighing 12.78 lbs.  There has been no "kicker" fish for this team this year but two tournaments and two 2nd place finishes in a row!

Dave fished a squarebill crank bait all day (Lucky Craft 1.5 scatter back white) While Kevin alternated between spinner bait (white), a beaver tail plastic and his signature pink wacky.  The wind just like with everyone else was key to success or failure.  Getting lures into the key holes next to lay-downs  took a lot of patience and it didn't hurt that Dave's boat has twin shallow water anchors that were deployed almost every time a key location was spotted.

Third place the team of Punkin Henry and Kris Bollinger turned in 5 fish weighing 12.26 lbs.  Punkin and Kris fought the wind like everyone else but their success was on shaky head and jig mixed with an occasional jerk bait.

Larry and Dave Blackburn 4 of their 5 including the 6,36 monstor
Kevin Timberlake and Dave Stover celebrate back to back 2nd place finishes.
Below Nag does the contributor twist and shout

Truman Lake - May 15, 2016

​Cool temps, windy and post frontal conditions, even a boat break down, made Truman tough for most; eleven boats fished the tournament and there was only 4  5-fish limits turned in.  Every other boat weighed fish with the one exception who withdrew due to mechanical issues.

First Place - Phil Profit and Kent Ross turned in 5 fish for a total of 14.20 lbs.  The pole timber up Sterett Creek way produced most of this teams keepers.  There was no big kicker fish just all quality 2.5lb large mouths.  Probably a senko of some sorts and a jig or two with Phil who is always a dominate angler no matter where we fish.

Second Place - Punkin Henry and Kris Bolinger are fishing better and better together.  This is 3 tournaments in a row where they have managed to finish in the money; with a first, a third and now a second place.  They turned in 5 fish weighing 12.16 lbs. no kicker fish either just 5 quality fish at a little over 2lb average.  Punkin and Kris are known to move when there are no bites and today was no exception.  Fished up Sterett Creek, the dam bluff walls the dam itself and several other spots up river.

Third Place - Chris Burstert and Josh Bustert not unusual to see Chris in the winners circle and I am sure he will be back later this year.  Chris and Josh turned in 5 fish limit weighing 11.22 lbs.  Not sure where they fished or how in this tournament but Chris loves a jig.

Big Fish - Often the "big fish" of any tournament is nestled in a bag of other quality fish and gives the team a real shot at other prizes to be won.  Not the case with our big fish of the day this tournament; only one fish was turned in by John (Buddy "Big Fish") Conway and Larry Renic but she was one of Truman's big bass at 5.54 lbs. 
"Big Fish " John (Buddy) Conway
Kent Ross and Phil Profit First place 14.20 lbs.
Punkin Henry and Kris Bolinger 2nd place 12.16 lbs
Chris and Josh Burstert 3rd place 11.22 lbs.
Smithville Lake June 12, 2016

Hot; probably an understatement but by 2:00pm the temperature was hovering around 100 degrees, needless to say fishing was tough but the majority of boats (10) caught fish,.and fifty percent of the teams had 5 fish limits.  The difference between 1st and third place was .03 ounces!  and the difference of big bass weights from all entries was .38 ounces!   

First Place with 5 fish weighing 13.42 and a big bass weighing 4.66 the team of Kevin Bolinger and Max Nelson.

Second Place and Big Bass honors  with 5 fish weighing 13.34 and the winning big bass weighing 4.70 the team of Phil Profit and Ken Ross.

Third Place with 5 fish weighing 13.29 and big bass weighing 4.32 the team of Robbie Plowman and Joe Wilson.

Lake of the Ozarks Drake Harbor July 17, 2016

Another Hot July day although not quite 100 the 90's and humidity was brutal.  As so often happens at Drake Harbor the water was moving and some anglers found that an early morning bite in this dam generated water moving can be just the ticket to coax fish into biting. Only 

First Place jumping back into first place for two consecutive tournaments the team of Kevin Bolinger and Max Nelson once again prove they have the right chemistry to fish sucessfully no matter what the venue.  Kevin and Max turned in 5 fish with a total weight of 12.90 and big bass honors with a kicker big fish weighing 4.98 lbs. They were the only team to turn in a five fish limit.

Second Place Phil Profit and Ken Ross turned in 3 fish weighing 7.12 lbs.  This is also Phil and Ken's 2nd in a row second place finish. 

Third Place "The Brother's"  Dave and Larry Blackburn who have a history of fishing success at Drake Harbor.  The team turned in 3 fish weighing 6.70.

Pomme de Terre August 14, 2016

July was hot but August in Missouri can be down right brutal, but the weather cooperated and so did the fish with 9 boats fishing 3 boats had 5-fish limits, two boats with 4 fish and only 2 boats blanked.  The weights were not huge no one broke the double digit mark, but then that's Pomme... there are some monster bass here you just have to wade through many more 13 inchers.

First Place -  Second check in a row! 3rd place at Drake and now jumping to first place on Pomme.  "The Brothers" Dave and Larry Blackburn carried the day with a 4 fish bag weighing 9.38.

Second Place: Chris Burstert and Ken Ross; this was Ken's third 2nd place finish in a row! with two different partners.  Chris and Ken turned in 5 fish weighing 8.80 lbs.

Third Place: Dave Stover and Kevin Timberlake turned in 5 fish weighing 8.40 lbs.   

Big Bass Brett Neugebauer and David Duer turned in a mini-monster weighing 4.13 lbs 

Truman Lake (Bucksaw) September 11, 2016

Water still warm hovering around 80 degrees low and dingy and this end of the Lake can be hazardous and tough to fish.  There were 7 boats fishing and three of those boats blanked! and zero boats had a 5-fish limit.  

First Place: Two more "brothers" blasted the rest of the field for the second tournament in a row, first it was the Blackburns and now the Neugebauer brothers Brett and James claim victory.  Not only do they win the weight they also turned in the biggest fish for the tournament. Big Bass 4.50 total weight 8.15 

Second Place: Back in the Money the team of Kevin Bolinger and Max Nelson; turned in total weight 6.10

Brett and His Brother James First Place and Big Bass